Frequently Asked Questions

We have several pools that have broken or missing screw tabs in the main drain pots. Is there any other way of securing new anti-entrapment covers without draining the pool or using an underwater drill to drill into the shell and install shields to secure the grate properly?

There is no easy solution. The best and only alternative is to use our BIK4 (brass insert/anchor kit) with either our 1216xxx, 914xxx, or A10RCFRxxx suction outlet covers. Use a 5/16" masonry drill bit and epoxy such as AquaBond to anchor the brass inserts into the pool finish. Then using the supplied screws in the outside holes on the grates you would screw into the inserts to secure the grates over the existing sump.

We just purchased some AquaStar drain covers. Our local inspector is asking for a Certificate of Compliance. The only thing we seen in the packet was installation instructions. Can you provide this?

Our VGB 2008 Certificate of Compliance is available for download from our website under News & Information in the Laws & Testing section.

What is your warranty and how often should I change out my drain covers?

We warrant our drain covers free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of original installation and recommend replacement every five years. Make sure that the frame/sump is structurally sound and the new screws have at least three threads of engagement or replacement of the frame/sump is also necessary.

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